Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 16.19.19From Fairfield County to New Haven to Hartford and beyond, Connecticut is home to a countless number of creative professionals producing innovative work across all forms of media.  We love being part of this imaginative fellowship, and continue to work hard to make sure that silver creative group remains an active, and recognizable, member of the creative community.  When David Cushman asked us to participate in’s 10 Questions feature, it was a great opportunity to get the silver creative story out there, showcase some of our work, and offer a little glimpse at the strategic thinking that goes behind the ideas we generate.  And it only took us a month to finish!

As you can tell from our answers, we’re a pretty laid back team of creatives who like to enjoy themselves, in addition to designing and executing award-winning work.  And here’s the thing: we really do practice what we preach in terms of an “all hands on deck” mentality when it comes to what we do for our clients.  Collaboration is the key and we encourage others in the Connecticut creative community and everywhere else to consider a similar approach.

Even though it took awhile (sorry David!), we had such a good time with the CT Creatives’ 10 Questions that we’re ready to keep going!  Have any more questions you’d like us to answer?  We’re always in a very candid mood.