Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 16.16.38We call South Norwalk home, but that doesn’t mean we’re only focused on serving clients in the Fairfield County area.  In fact, our branding, website development, and integrated marketing experience is dispersed across all corners and sectors of Connecticut, including the various government agencies and public institutions throughout the entire Nutmeg State.  We cast a wide net because, as anyone working for the state knows, trying to find an appropriate vendor and then having to go through a rigorous approval process can be a huge hassle and time burden.  Kind of makes you wish there was a searchable list of vendors that have already been given the go-ahead by the state.  Good news: there is!

For vendors like us, the RFP system for Connecticut’s business is highly competitive, but definitely rewarding.  Once a bid is accepted and approved by one government or state-run public institution, we can then bypass the vetting stage for any other Connecticut RFP that entices a bid.  Cutting out this sizeable chuck of paperwork allows us to focus on astounding our clients, like the University of Connecticut School of Business and the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce, with great ideas.  As an added bonus, we get put on the list of approved state contractors, an easily searchable database with detailed company information.  We’re already in the driver‘s seat for landing another slice of the CT business pie.

When we say that silver creative group is ready to serve the state of Connecticut, we really mean it.  It’s an honor to be an approved vendor and we love that we can bring the type of creative design work we do for our other clients to various public entities, so that they can, in turn, have a positive impact on the citizens of Connecticut.  In a sense, we have the chance to affect the entire population from our little SoNo alcove, which is a pretty cool thought.  To the various departments, agencies, and branches of the Connecticut government, check us out, get in touch, and let’s talk about how we can work together (without having to worry about the annoying approval process).