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It should be clear by now that social media is changing the way businesses operate, regardless of whether or not they participate on any of the social networks. To help gourmet and speciality food business owners understand how social media is changing the marketplace and how content creation is the new key to engaging consumers, silver creative group’s managing director, Paul Zullo, offered his insights in the most recent issue of Gourmet Business magazine in an article entitled “How Social Media Can Raise Your Game.” Anyone who is yet to wade into the social media waters, but is thinking about it, or is struggling for ways to interact with customers will want to read the article.

Spoiler alert: it really all comes down to creating content that people want to consume. Tell stories, don’t try to sell stuff, and always be willing to converse with fans across the social networks. You know, be social and all that jazz. Just read Paul’s article for a more eloquent explanation of why social media must be an important part of your business strategy and some hints to get the plan off the ground.