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The days of marketing and advertising at mass scale with generic brand messages are rapidly dwindling. It doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to send out broad statements to large segments of the population; just don’t expect to get any type of significant return. Empowered by technology and choice, audiences have fractured into much smaller segments that require communication strategies fine-tuned to their individual needs. Micromarketing is the new mass marketing, and to successfully pull it off, make sure to start with these four steps:

1)    Provide information that the consumer can understand and appreciate at an individual level.

2)    Give the consumer something to do or play with; any type of interactivity is more engaging than a static message.

3)    Have a brand that is easily relatable on a personal, everyday level.

4)    If there’s a segment of the audience that isn’t being addressed, customize the marketing approach to reach that group rather than trying to force irrelevant messages on it.