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Creative inspiration comes from a lot of places. Nature, for example, has driven artistic expression since Paleolithic man mixed up pigments and painted the walls of Lascoux. But don’t forget that other people can be a great catalyst for creativity, as well, which is why networking is important, however overlooked it might be. By joining various clubs and organizations, you’re exposed to some of the best work, but even more helpful is the opportunity to attend events and actual meet the people creating it. Imagine having the chance to pick the brain of those who inspire you or run some of your best new ideas by your design heroes. If nothing else, going to an event or networking function is an excuse to get away from the design desk once in a while and meet up with colleagues. And a lot of good can come from that.

Some national organizations to look into (be sure to check these for local chapters or do your own search for clubs in your area):


Type Directors Club

Art Directors Club

The One Club