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Your first idea is probably not the worst; those tend to occur when you’re minutes away from deadline and just need to come up with something. But they are almost always not the best, either. The problem with going with the first idea is that it’s often the most obvious one, meaning that it’s either been done before or the finished product won’t make a significant impact with the audience. It can also confine the project into a box or direction from which it is difficult to escape. If you’re in love with that first idea, treat it more like a seed rather than a fully blossomed flower: it still needs a lot of work before it’s ready for the big reveal. Question everything about the idea (the 5Ws and 1H are a good start) and then try to push your thinking further. You’ll weed out concepts that you thought were amazing but were ultimately lacking, or create new layers of meaning that add depth to the emerging idea.