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Spring is officially here which means it’s time to partake in the annual “Spring Cleaning” ritual of de-cluttering our homes and lives. One area we are dedicating some special attention to this year is our inbox. Whether you are reaching the limit of your mailbox storage quota or simply want to get rid of some clutter, a few minutes a day spent organizing your inbox can save you lots of time and aggravation in the long run.

Here are a few helpful tips for tidying up your inbox:

– Create folders. Think of your inbox as a filing cabinet. If you put your messages in well-labeled folders, it makes them much easier to find at a later date.

– Flag correspondences that need follow up. This will prevent you from forgetting to go back to an email you may have skimmed but not dealt with yet.

– Manage subscription emails with a service like This handy service can condense all of your subscription emails into one daily digest email.