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User generated content is easy to come by for companies like GoPro or SoundCloud, but what if your business is yogurt? How do you get customers to contribute content on your website or blog? Allow your customers to have a voice in your brand. Messages can’t always come from you. By creating a platform that encourages sharing and participation, your customers will share a rich and brand identifying message.

A new flavor poll could be an easy starting point, but you can’t release new flavors constantly to keep the conversation going. More importantly, it might not capture the robust social engagement you’re looking for. Maybe it’s time for a YouTube channel campaign. Ask your customers to imagine they are world-class wine tasters and have them review your premium fruit at the bottom offering from that point of view. Offer a prize for the video with the most likes or shares. Create a new hash tag for the best ways to eat yogurt without a spoon. Offer some of your own ideas for inspiration. Even users who may be reluctant to create their own content can join the conversation by liking and sharing.

The key to making the most of user-generated content is allowing the users to lead the conversation. Every video, picture, comment, or like builds your brand and helps you go beyond the reach of traditional advertising.