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Pinterest is taking the place of traditional mood boards here at silver. An amazing medium for inspiration, Pinterest boards can help to define the tone, shape, and outline of a brand. We use mood boards to pair visuals with verbal attributes that describe a positioning statement.

For example, clients commonly use the word “urban” to let us know what they are expecting designs to reflect. That can mean so many different things, young and hip, sophisticated and chic, taxicabs or Broadway shows… how are we to know from just one word?

A quick study using Pinterest boards can hone in on visual representation of “urban” for the client and give our team of designers something to reference continually as we develop and progress the brand.

We also love pinning our own brand. It’s easy to get lost in Pinterest for hours while pinning things that dazzle or inspire. Why not give it a try with your own brand? The boards and collections you make will give guidance for future design projects as well as help to develop an identity and authenticity for your brand.