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Sure you’ve got a great product with lots of extra features and maybe it even tastes great. So you want to tell everyone about your brand.  They need to know all about it and so you create ads to tell them point by point.  Well that’s probably not going to work out so well.

The first and most important step to marketing is to recognize who you are talking to. While we strongly recommend taking the extra step of creating profiles of the different audience segments, not every project requires that much effort. Just simply identify the exact audience you will be selling to and define what they want. Even better figure out how your product is going to help them get it. See now we are getting somewhere. When you get into design and messaging, pay attention to tone, style and other characteristics to make your marketing relevant.

So when you get to creating your ads, spend less time talking about what it is that you have made and how great it is, and focus on why someone should care and what its going to do for them.