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If you were a little confused when you logged into your profile this week, don’t worry you aren’t alone. No, you didn’t accidentally switch your Facebook and Twitter bookmarks. Twitter just decided to update their profile page format…and it looks unmistakably like Facebook’s.

At first, many users were put off by the update. But if you take a step back and get through the immediate shock of sudden change, this update could actually be beneficial for users who aren’t getting enough out of Twitter. Rather than catering to power users, this update seeks to help more casual or new users find their place on Twitter. By using a familiar social media format, the designers hope to eliminate the intimidation factor of the unbridled stream of content that dominated old profiles. And by adding some functionality like search filters and pinned posts, the entire Twitter experience is becoming even richer.

As of now, only some profiles reflect the update. In the coming weeks as the roll out continues, it would be a good idea to take some time and update your brand’s profile on Twitter. Take advantage of the new ease of use and capture the new audience of Twitter users who may be more willing to join the conversation than ever before.

Visit Silver’s Twitter profile to see the update in action.