So you read our tip on MailChimp and set up an account. That’s great news. But without an awesome email list, who’s going to hear your message? If you just need a bunch of email addresses fast, you can always buy a list. But we all know how it goes with unsolicited emails, assuming that they don’t get filtered out in the first place. If you want to be heard you need an email list full of willing recipients, and here’s how to build it.

  1. Make An Offer – A lead-gen offer that is. Host an eBook, mp3, or desktop wallpaper online and require an email address to download. Whatever you choose, make sure you are proud to have it represent your brand.
  2. Facebook OptIn -Did you know that you can add an email opt-in tab to your business’s Facebook page? Here’s a link to a step-by-step guide.
  3. Offline Collection -It’s easier to gain trust from your customers face to face. Don’t be afraid to ask for contact info at your trade show or other in-person promotion.
  4. Diversify Your Blast – By making different subscription types, you increase the likelihood of users subscribing to at least one. Plus the messages will be more targeted and impactful.
  5. Run A Contest – Require contestants to enter with an email address. If you are giving away a prize, make it something that adds value to your brand’s message. Maybe an oven mitt if you produce baking goods. Or custom luggage if you run a travel company. Something your customers can easily link with your business.

Remember, having a valuable email list is just the first step. A beautifully designed email and website are necessary as well. Check out some of silver’s work for inspiration or give us a call to start collaborating.