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So you’ve built a solid audience on twitter. What’s the next step? One thing twitter managers often neglect is the behavior of their followers. A rich and engaging tweet isn’t worth much if it never gets seen. This is where follower analysis comes in.

Twitter logs massive amounts of user information on a daily basis. They keep tabs on how, when, and where users view and share tweets. Yes, at first glance this seems a bit Orwellian, but as a marketer you will come to embrace it.

By gaining an understanding of your followers’ behavior, you can know exactly when you’ll get the most out of a tweet. Followerwonk is an application that opens the door to all that data logged by Twitter. It allows you to see where in the world your followers are, what time of the day they are most active, and how they’re engaging with your content. Use this information to schedule your tweets to go out at times of peak activity to give your content the best chance to be viewed, shared, and retweeted.