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Unlike iPhone fans that were disappointed by the lack of new hardware announced during yesterdays Worldwide Developers Conference, developers were overjoyed to hear Apple’s announcement of iOS 8 and it’s new programing language. Starting with iOS 8, Apple will abandon Objective C++, an industry standard since 1979, and roll out brand new programming language dubbed Swift.

Apps created with Swift will significantly improve the user experience with new capabilities like adding custom keyboards and features like in-app integration. This means 3rd party apps can be used directly within photos or messages. Gaming apps will be richer due to the new capabilities introduced with SpriteKit and SceneKit that incorporate a completely new and realistic physics generator.

User experience has always been a strong point for Apple, but in the past, developer relations have been rocky due to strict rules and regulations. Swift will help to simplify the app development process with clean syntax and automated memory management. With over 4000 new API’s, Swift stands to be one of the most significant releases Apple has ever announced. Customization that was once only possible on the Android platform will now be easy for both developers and users to achieve. Apps made using swift will be safer than ever, as Apple has eliminated to need for potentially vulnerable code.

Although underwhelming at first glance, this years WWDC may have been more significant than anyone could have imagined. If you haven’t thought about developing an iOS app in the past, now may be the time to reconsider.