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The World Cup is upon us and at silver creative, we couldn’t be more excited. Of course the games are entertaining (Go USA!), but what is especially fun to watch is the diverse array of advertising offerings. And early into the tournament, this year has already proven to be one of the best.

In North America, it’s easy to forget that the Super Bowl is not the be all end all for advertising spending. In fact, it’s not even close. This year’s big game earned 111.5 million viewers. Pretty impressive, that’s around 12% of the United States population. But when you compare it to the 909 million viewers that tuned into the final game of the 2010 World Cup and realize that’s just about 13% of the WORLD’S POPULATION, well that’s just a whole other league.

Even the top performing ads from the Super Bowl, in terms of views and shares, can’t compete with many of this years World Cup ads. For example, Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” spot, the most popular from this year’s Super Bowl, has gained close to 51 million views to date. Within a week of the 2014 World Cup kick off, ads from Nike and Activia have already combined for more than four times the views. It’s easy to see that the advertiser for this years FIFA tournament are working on a much larger scale.

So as you’re watching the tournament for the next few weeks, take some time to ponder the ads you see. Think about the scope of viewers and cultural discrepancies between them. Think about how you would present your product to an audience of that scale. It’s an interesting and fun case study that could get you thinking about your brand in a new way.