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The summer has officially begun and everyone here at silver is ready to make the most of it. When we aren’t in the office, you can find the team boating on the sound, playing volleyball at the beach, or enjoying a cold beverage on one of the many outdoor patios around SoNo. You could definitely say that we were prepared for summer. Unfortunately, our air conditioner was not. If you find yourself in a sweltering office, use these tips to stay cool and productive at work.

Your computers, servers, and other hardware feel the heat just as much as you do. Be mindful that you don’t over exert them. Whenever possible, let your machines rest. If you’re headed out for lunch, put your computer to sleep. If you’re headed home for the day, make sure to shut down the servers. Yes, you’ll add a little startup time to your morning but I guarantee an extra 90 seconds will be significantly less annoying than a fried server.

Keep your office environment as calming as possible. Rely on natural light instead of the florescent overheads. Place some plants around the office, they are proven to reduce stress and even purify the air according to NASA. If all else fails, spring for some popsicles. Sugar increases dopamine production, which should help keep spirits up.

If the heat is really getting to you, it’s time to get out of the office. But don’t think that means you can’t get some things done. Plan to do work related tasks outside. Take photos for your brand’s Facebook page. Make personal deliveries to local clients. Or head to your business supply store for some much-needed restocks. (Maybe pick up a fan while you’re there.)

If you have any more suggestions on how to stay cool at work, share them on our Facebook page.