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At silver creative, we know that product photography can make a significant difference in how your product is received. With much of today’s shopping happening online, it’s important to spark interest with an image on an LCD screen. Sometimes, we’ll shoot in house in order to control variables and get the shot that the client envisioned. If you are looking to do some in house photography, there are a few basic things you need to remember.

1. USE A TRIPOD – One of the simplest ways you can improve your photos is to invest in a tripod. A steady image is a sharp image and sharp images require less post processing. You could take it a step further and use the timed shutter feature to ensure that you aren’t creating any motion in the image while pressing the shutter release. We suggest the two-second delay.

2. THE RULE OF THIRDS – Imagine two vertical lines dividing your viewfinder into three equal rectangles. Now do the same horizontally. Try to have your subject run along these lines or focus where these lines intersect. Instead of having a horizon or horizontal line bisect the image, place it on the top or bottom third. Photos taken using the rule of thirds encourage viewers to scan the frame more efficiently and create more aesthetic appeal.

3. FIND A NEW PERSPECTIVE – Many of the images we see today on photo sharing sites like Facebook or Instagram are from our standing eye level perspective. But to create a unique and intriguing photo, you may need to find a new perspective. If you’re selling dog treats, think about what they might look like from a bulldog’s point of view. Or if you’re in real estate, get down to floor level to really emphasize the eleven-foot ceilings.

You can find all sorts of photography tips and tricks on the Internet, here’s one of our favorites. And of course, if you’ve got a project that needs a professional touch, silver creative is here to help with shoots, retouching, and production.