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Here at silver creative, some of our most compelling inspiration has come from the graphic design of the 50’s & 60’s. One of the most popular graphic design trends at the time is known as International Typographic Style or Swiss Style. The designs of this style were focused on readability and objectivity, and featured sans serif fonts. At first glance, some might consider them simple and sparse, but much of the challenge in creating a successful Swiss Style graphic was disguising profound detail and messaging in a somewhat sterile presentation. To learn more about the history of Swiss Style, read this article on Smashing Magazine. Or check out our 1960s graphic design board on Pinterest to view examples.

Over time, Swiss Style became less prominent as design technology evolved, but in 2014 we are seeing a resurgence in the form of Flat Design, a style that strips unnecessary elements and appears in two dimensions. Flat Design is most prominently featured in user interface (UI) design because of its scalability, making it ideal for achieving continuity across different screen sizes. That is why companies like Apple and Google have recently revamped their application logos and UIs to feature flat design. Apple’s iPhone icons are a great example of flat design. This website cataloguing the World Cup soccer balls also features Flat Design.

It seems that wherever you look, Flat Design is making its way into more and more user interfaces across devices. What are your favorite sites, apps, or art that feature Flat Design? Can Flat Design translate beyond the web? Share your thoughts on FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest.