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This Tuesday morning at silver, we were greeted with some Internet troubles. With the majority of our day-to-day business activities involving some aspect of Internet connection, it seemed like we would have to wait for a fix. After a little thought, however, it was clear that there are plenty of ways to stay productive during an Internet outage.

Clean Your Desktop – Both of them. Work can get frantic at times and often things like sorting through the files on your desktop get pushed back indefinitely. Now that you have some time, catalogue your files and trash what you don’t need. It’ll speed up your computer and your workflow.

All Hands On Deck – Once you’ve got your personal and digital space cleaned up, take some time to get all your co-workers on the same page. Call an all hands on deck meeting and discuss ongoing and upcoming projects. With the whole team around, it becomes much easier to set clear and actionable plans with shared accountability.

Make A Call – Reach out to your clients. Call with a plan but don’t think that your main goal is to close a deal. Find out what has been working well for their business and what’s been troubling them. You don’t need a solution right away but at least you are starting a conversation that could lead to new jobs.

Have you ever been in an office with no Internet? How did you deal? Let us know in the comments below or take it to Facebook or Twitter. #21stCenturyProblems