To follow up last month’s post about User Interface Design, we chose to share some recent trends in Logo Design. Logo design requires a unique combination of visual appeal, story telling, and accessibility. In the past few years, logos are appearing more stripped down and refined. Subtle detail has taken the place of loud ornamental elements. This Tuesday, silver creative would like to share three Logo Design trends that we’ve noticed in 2014.

Stacked Letters – The design of choice for companies like Uniqlo, Stacked Letters have proven that readability and grammatical conventions don’t necessarily go hand in hand. The identifying element of this design style is the choice to abandon standard spacing between words and hyphenated line breaks. Letters are simply stacked in grids in the order they would appear in a line of writing, continuing on to the next line regardless of the word being completed or not.


Mono Crests – Brands that want to convey a traditional feel in a modern presentation have been opting for Mono Crests. These are usually single color logos built with single weight lines that are in general very thin. Seagram’s recently rebranded their line of soft drinks and incorporated a mono style version of their crest.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.27.38

Hand Drawn Fonts – More and more companies are opting for the pen and paper to create successful logos. Hand drawn fonts offer a one-of-a-kind look that can’t be replicated with downloadable font packages. Although the process begins on paper, most sketches get scanned, vectorized, and perfected with design software.

As more trends emerge, we’ll keep you updated. Feel free to mention any design trends you’ve found particularly prevalent recently. Visit to explore logos from talented designers around the world.