The one thing that has held true for all website builds, even the ones we don’t work on, is that the process is never finished. Maintaining an excellent website is hard work. Too often we see companies get an awesome website developed only to sit back, admire it, and never give it another thought. As soon as a site goes live, it’s marching toward obsolescence. It’s our job as site owners to continuously postpone that inevitability with new content, design, structure, and functionality.

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This week, silver is sharing tips for site owners who have a great site…. as of last year. Here are a few ideas for making a good site even better.

Testimonials are a popular aspect of today’s ecommerce sites. To make the best use of testimonial content, position it close to a purchase button. Studies have shown that social persuasion is especially effective in the final stages of a purchase decision.

Create a site-wide visual hierarchy of information using color and font size. Your users will be able to quickly interpret each page of the site and find relevant information. There is no one color that is more or less effective than another, but rather an optimal relationship between colors used. Headlines will generally be vibrant “action” colors to draw attention, while subheadings and accents should compliment and direct the eye along a desired path on the page.

A highly customizable product creates a great selling point, but offering too many options at the point of sale will actually deter purchases. Simplify the purchase decision as much as possible to avoid decision paralysis.

If your site offers the ability for a user to subscribe, submit, order, download, upload, or complete any type of task, it is imperative that you include some sort of closure message or signal. This way a user can know exactly when they have and, more importantly, have not accomplished what they set out to do on your site.

Have you seen any sites lately in desperate need an update? Here’s one of our favorites. State of the art in 1996 and untouched since then. Don’t let this happen to you!