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Twitter has become the world’s most robust network of instantaneous news. Every second, millions of users are tweeting everything from political opinions and insights to pictures of cats with mustaches. As a marketer, Twitter offers access to a diverse and expansive audience. But if you’re new to the conversation, it can be hard to break in. So for this week’s tip we decided to share some basics to help you get the most out of Twitter.

Follow The TRENDS

One of the most valuable tools on Twitter is the “Trends” module. Twitter trends show what people are talking about across the world on Twitter. Trends are often defined by hashtags that users include in their tweets. Use this to your advantage. Create a daily tweet using a top trending hashtag and add to the conversation.

Retweet Great Content

Take advantage of Twitter’s unique features. With a quick click you can retweet another users post and create content on your page. Make sure you retweet relevant and inspiring topics. Try to elaborate or offer your own perspective on a retweet. It’s a great way to engage your own followers while making yourself more visible on the Twitter network.

Shrink Your Links

One of the simplest mistakes made by Twitter users is posting a long faulty link. Messy or incomplete Tweets have a negative impact on your profile’s credibility. An easy way to keep your Tweets clean, legible, and functional is to shorten any URL links you want to share. Bitly is one of the most popular shorteners on twitter, but there are many other viable options. And remember to always test your links before and after you post.

If you’re looking for more advanced tips on Twitter, check out Tuesday Tip #70 to learn about how to optimize your tweet schedule. And don’t forget to tweet us @silvercreative.