Over the summer, The Coca-Cola Company introduced the “Share a Coke” campaign where they distributed personalized bottles and cans featuring popular names and nicknames from around the world. Now with the aid of some very advanced design software, they’re taking personalization to a completely new level.

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Coca-Cola Israel and Gefen Team have joined forces to serve the Israeli market with 2 million unique Diet Coke bottles. Where the “Share a Coke” campaign banked on the popularity of the names they chose to serve many consumers, the new campaign hinges on the fact that each bottle design is as unique as the Diet Coke drinker who buys it. No two bottles are alike.

To achieve the daunting goal of 2 million unique label designs, Coca-Cola implemented a powerful algorithm that generated new designs without the input of a live designer for each. Although we don’t see software taking over the role of real live designers anytime soon, it is pretty interesting to see the opportunity for computers to take our design ideas and run with them.