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This Tuesday November 4th, millions of voting age Americans will cast ballots in the midterm elections. Although the polls have yet to close, history would say that there is something to be worried about. Less than half the eligible population vote in midterm elections. 2010 showed only a 37% turnout. Even in primary election years, the number only just breaches the halfway point.

Intuitive Voting is an app concept aiming to change all of that by rethinking the voting process from registration to ballot submission. The app seeks to break down common barriers to voting using modern technology. For instance, Intuitive Voting can complete your voter registration simply by snapping a picture of your license. The software pulls the appropriate information and after a quick review submits your registration. Users can also get informed about local candidates based on GPS location and create a quick reference guide of desired candidates to use while at the polls.

Intuitive Voting is an example of where modern technology can be used to help solve archaic problems. At silver creative, we strive to do the same in the apps we create. What modern solutions do you use on your mobile device? GPS navigation is an obvious answer, alleviating the need to carry road maps for navigation. But what about modern solutions that are just on the horizon? Do you think you’ll opt to leave your wallet at home and pay for your next coffee with your phone?