Running an event means keeping track of a lot of moving parts. You’ve got to research venues, hire catering, coordinate guest speakers and more, just to make sure things run smoothly. Any seasoned event planner will tell you, the thing you never have enough of is time. That’s why it’s important to save time wherever you can.

One time saving tip we’ve discovered at Silver Creative is the recent integration of EventBrite and MailChimp. Both exceptional services on their own, when linked together they make invitations, RSVPs, and even tickets a cinch to make, send, and monitor. Just set up your event on EventBrite then log into your Mailchimp account. From there, you can use three provided AutoConnect templates that will pre-fill all your event information into a visually pleasing email layout. Just upload your email list and your invite is ready to go.

For more Info check out MailChimp’s detailed guide to integrating EventBrite to your bulk mailings.