Super Bowl XLIX marked a record high for television advertising expenditures. 30 seconds of Super Bowl screen time ran just over $4.5 million dollars, or $150,000 a second. Considering that a great deal of viewers think of commercial breaks as a perfect opportunity to grab seconds of the 7-layer dip, $4.5 million seems a little steep. But with this year’s offerings, it was evident that they were worth every penny. Along with prime time replays, the commercials are also getting extended play on the internet where social media users are sharing them more than ever before with friends and followers. Here are three Super Bowl XLIX ads that we thought were particularly share-worthy.

Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad was the perfect example of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Adorable puppy, check. Iconic clydesdales, check. Tear-jerking story of friendship, check. It’s almost what we’ve come to expect, and their just fine with that.

Fiat’s commercial was too funny. A few of us really loved it around the office. Clever, sexy, fresh, light-hearted and it clearly conveyed the “big” difference in their new product. See for yourself.

You can’t help but pay attention to an ad as bold as the Always “Like a Girl” spot. Rather than trying to explain it myself, I’ll let the inspiring young women in this commercial do the talking. (Make sure you watch until the end!)