Following the Photoshop theme of the week, Silver Creative has compiled a few of the more interesting and potentially lesser known Photoshop tricks, tips and hacks.


1. Give Your Photos a New Color Palette – This trick comes to us from Unfocused Brain, a self proclaimed, “Blog With Everything”. Open a photo you’d like to edit and select Image >> Adjustments >> Match Color, then select an image with a color palette you’d like to copy. Detailed tutorial here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 14.27.14


2. Batch Process Watermarks – Protect your IP with a watermark. Place your image files in a folder and go to File >> Process Multiple Files. You’ll select your folder as the source and then use the Watermark feature in the Labels section. Detailed tutorial here.



3. Learn To Love Shortcuts – Shortcuts and hotkeys are what separate passable Photoshop users from straight up Photoshop Ninjas. Hang them around your monitor and they’ll be second nature in no time.