TOTW-MASTERYesterday, Adweek ran an article about the arrival of 3-D mobile ads. Enticed by the buzzwords in the title, I quickly clicked through hoping to see holographic renderings standing atop hand held screens à la Star Wars. Not quite the case, but what I did see was quite intriguing nonetheless.

We are on the brink of a significant shift in mobile advertising. Although they seem a bit foreign at this point, most marketers agree that virtual reality ads will soon become the norm. Take a look at these three ads for example.

Slide this shot of Jameson to your drinking buddy #LongLiveTheShot

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While these ads are merely giving the illusion of three dimensions, it’s clear that they have an engagement advantage over their 2-D counterparts. In the Mazda example it’s inescapable, as the simple act of scrolling creates an interaction with the ad. Even the Jameson Instagram post grabs its viewers as they watch the shot glass fly right through the white border into “their” hands.

Although we can’t predict exactly what 3-D mobile advertising will become in years to come, it is certain that you will be seeing a lot more of it. Click Here to read more.