At Silver Creative, typography is an invaluable part of every branding venture we take on. It’s the marriage of style and information that can steer a brand along a desired path. Scientific, playful, clean, hectic, freethinking, conservative –these are all ideas and feelings that can conveyed simply by how you write a word a page.


The Typographic Circle shares our passion for type. The volunteer based organization champions typographic art and offers a forum for anyone and everyone who might be interested. From their site…

The Typographic Circle was formed in 1976 to bring together anyone with an interest in type and typography.


Their archive features years of poster, circulars, and badges featuring the work of renowned artists from around a world. A great place to find some inspiration.

For the aspiring designer, The Typographic Circle offers a detailed catalogue of guides from kerning and leading to hanging quotes, widows and orphans. Best of all they’re all free of charge.


Tuesday Bonus: Timeless logos recreated by hand.