Today marks a momentous day for Silver Creative Group. We’re moving our offices to 50 Water ST. Norwalk, CT and we couldn’t be more excited! Prepping for the move has been an ever-growing task, and without a solid plan, it could have gotten overwhelming. Here’s a few tips that we’ve picked up along the way to make any office move more approachable.

1. Start Early – Like as soon as possible. It’s amazing how quickly the move-in date can creep up on you. Start packing at least a week in advance, preferably three. Don’t expect to book a mover less than four weeks in advance. The more time and forethought you put in during the weeks leading up to the move, the less stress you’ll have on moving day.

2. Make Use Of Press-and-Seal Bags – You may think you know what your mouse and keyboard look like on your desk, but as soon as they get packed up and moved with everyone else’s, it might get hard to distinguish. We found that packing all the cords and peripherals for our computers in labeled plastic storage bags made it easy to keep everyone’s electronics separated and organized.

3. Spread The News – Moving to a new office is a great thing, and you should let everyone know! Use your social media accounts and email signatures to let people know in advance. Mention it at the end of any office calls. Contact your clients, service providers, shipping companies and most importantly your post office. It would be a shame to have that big check lost in the mail because you forgot to talk to your post master. Pro Tip: Leave a few printed sheets with the address change by the front door to hand out to visitors and delivery personnel.

4. Downsize While You Can – While you’re packing for the move, take the opportunity to get rid of excess items that have accumulated over the years. Sell, donate, and recycle as much as possible. If you have lots of heavy paper files, it might be smart to look into digital scanning and storage solutions. Some even offer in-document search features to make it easier to recall old files.

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