The day that Google’s search engine guru, Matt Cutts, predicted more than a year ago has finally arrived. Today, Google announced that mobile search query volume has surpassed that of desktop at the annual Adwords Performance Summit. The news doesn’t come as a surprise to those following search engine usage trends but it does come with one important implication, mobile will soon rule the purchase funnel previously dominated by desktop.

In conjunction with the Summit announcement, Google has released a suite of mobile-friendly ad formats focused around what Google’s VP of Product Management, Jerry Dischler, is calling “micro-moments”. These are short periods of time where mobile users are displaying intensive search activity. They are often time sensitive search queries, based on location, where the user is ready to take action. The micro-moment concept follows suit with the on-going trend of instant satisfaction and on-demand purchases we see in consumers today.

It’s undeniable that Google has accurately identified the behavior, but it still remains to be seen if they’re new ad formats can turn these micro-moments into the marketing battles grounds that they’ve been touted as. We’ll have to stay tuned to see.