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With over 75 million daily users, Instagram is quickly becoming today’s most engaging social media platform. Many consumer brands use Instagram as a marketing tool, using enticing visuals to create a presence with their target. Here are a few tips on how to use Instagram for your business:

Utilize the tools Instagram has to offer
Use all of the filters, special effects, and editing tools available to make your images stand out. Take advantage of liking and commenting on pictures and videos to engage other users.

Build a Community of Followers around an Actionable Hashtag
Use a hashtag to start a movement among your followers. The hashtag gives users the opportunity to interact with your brand in a meaningful way, while promoting your campaign. Remember to engage people using your hashtag by responding, even just a quick mention can spark valuable social sharing. A candy company might use hashtags like: #sweet, #yummy, and #chocolatey.

Promote your Instagram everywhere
Use your other social media profiles to promote your Instagram. Provide links to your Instagram on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn- you name it. Connect your Facebook account to Instagram so when you upload a photo, FB shares it too. Leverage photo contests on Instagram with Facebook and leverage your personal accounts to get friends involved.

Here at Silver Creative, we use Instagram to display our work, highlight our employees and share just about anything in our daily work-life that we think is cool. It’s crucial to have a balance of images on Instagram. Give your users a variety to keep them happy and engaged!

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