There’s no doubt you’ve all seen the latest and greatest product from Apple over the past few months, The Apple Watch. Never before have such advanced features and technology been concentrated into a device so small. It has unprecedented intelligence, with abilities such as responding to text messages, phone calls, and emails, navigating in maps, and monitoring your heart rate on just a 38 or 42mm long face.

What many people have either forgotten, or don’t know, however, is that Smart Watches existed long before the Apple Watch. Casio has a line of unusual wristwatches beginning in 1989, that had a range of functions including a touch screen with a phone book, calculator, and organizer and even an antenna that could detect when your phone was ringing.

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Some of these watches were also able to monitor calories, steps, and distance, as well as moon phases and sunrise/sunset times.233-80-Instrata-BuildingName-Logo-v3

While these older Casio watches do not measure up to the new interactions and technologies of the latest AppleWatch, they are reminiscent of an idea that was created years ago. The Casio watches were successful in their abilities, but today’s offerings, such as the Apple Watch, prove that there are still advancements to be made in wearable technology.

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