A few of us at Silver Creative had the privilege of attending the Fancy Food Show last week, the largest specialty food trade event in North America. This event featured specialty food’s top manufacturers, buyers, and leaders, while introducing new products and brands to the industry. We wanted to give a shout-out to some of our favorite brands that were featured at the show- Check ‘em out!



At first, meat bars kind of threw us, but it’s really just a new take on jerky. And we all know how well the bar market is doing. These meat bars featured chicken, bison, turkey, and lamb in very tasty flavors. Didn’t quite get the trail mix- but the brand and the bars were amazing.



These guys finally figured out how to serve only the crunchy part of the popped corn-perfectly every time, and they even have patented the process. Taste, texture, branding, and packaging are all very impressive for this specialty food neophyte.



Iberico jamon is always exceptional. But these guys have the sophistication and flavor down to a science. Bravo. A memorable bite of pork shoulder and tenderloin.






Desserts 2.0. Wow what an amazing product. Unique shape, fun,indulgent treat, unpretentious but still sophisticated flavors. We’re looking forward to the next product!



Who can resist a Nonna?  Watch this video featuring “Cooking With Nonna”, making orecchiette by hand.