According to The Wall Street Journal, digital media consumption is on an upward trend that shows no signs of slowing. Since 2013, digital media consumption has grown 49% overall, with smartphone-based consumption almost doubling in the past two years. Contrary to the prediction that smartphones and tablets would detract from desktop usage, time spent viewing digital media on non-mobile devices increased 16% overall, suggesting that the limit of digital consumption has yet to be reached. Based on the data collected by comScore, all categories are poised for continued growth in the immediate future.

Digital Media ConsumptionThis is exciting news for digital media startups such as Mashable or TheNextWeb, and an equally exciting opportunity for digital marketers throughout the world. As users continue to devote more time to digital media on their computer, tablets, and phones, ad value increases. That means more potential views, clicks and conversions. That’s good for the industry and the individual. Make the jump for more digital insights from comScore.