Today, September 1st, Google unveiled a new brand, complete with an updated logo and icon set. The new brand employs a sans-serif font and flat elements, signaling an important turning point in Google history. 

The rebrand coincides with a restructuring of sorts, separating Google’s extremely profitable web applications from more experimental projects like autonomous, package delivery drones and internet casting high altitude balloons, otherwise known as “moonshot” projects. To achieve this, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin formed a holding company named Alphabet to act as a parent for all projects. While the “G” of Google is certainly the most prominent, it’s just one of the “letters” in the Alphabet portfolio.

This is not the first time we’ve seen Google rebrand in the past 17 years, but it is one of the most significant. The new brand is decidedly modern and friendly, while still maintaining a mature feel. And from the reactions around the office, it’s much more successful and cohesive as a brand. Silver Creative Art Director, Jonathan Burke, had this to say about he rebrand, “It’s a much needed facelift that better aligns Google with its sub-brands, like Android or Google Maps.”

Google even put together a landing page on their design blog to help explain the method to each of the design choices. Let us know what you think of the rebrand on Twitter and Facebook.