After a tactfully slow roll out, Instagram announced last week they’ll be opening their advertising services to all brands, worldwide, by the end of the month. This announcement comes nearly two years after the first advertisement hit Instagram, effectively ending an extended test period.

instagram-iphone-app-1920Alongside the newly developed “Carousel” ad module that debuted in June, businesses can expect to make use of new Instagram features such as landscape photos, action buttons, and a new module know as “Marquee” that mimics the popular home-page takeover, allowing brands to invite people of interest to post relevant content for a day or so.

Ad buying will function off of the same platform currently employed by Facebook, Instagram’s parent company. Advertisers can adjust targeting options and offer exclusive app downloads or purchase links, directly embedded in the ad. Although new, some companies are already seeing return from the ad platform. Gilt Groupe and both experienced increased return from Instagram ads, compared to all other platforms.

It will be interesting to see how users react to the increased prevalence of ads on Instagram. Was the two year testing period long enough to help used become acquainted, or will we see a similar backlash to when Facebook debuted their first major platform change. Let us know what you think. facebook. twitter. instagram.