Snapchat, the social media platform built around temporary content, has proven to be one of the summer’s biggest stories. Already wildly popular among young users, the platform reinvented itself as a bonafide marketing powerhouse. Here’s how.

Prior to 2015, Snapchat content was pretty much confined to the closed system of sender and recipient. Brands looking to advertise in these private communications could only reach as far as their address book allowed. But that all changed after the introduction of Discover, a Snapchat tab that allows users to view hosted media from newspapers, magazines, television channels and more.

sc-discover-01-2015The debut was well received, but it wasn’t until June when Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced Truffle Pig, the digital agency specializing in video content for vertically oriented devices, that the true marketing potential of Snapchat was realized. The agency was flooded with inquiries from brands like Jim Beam, P&G, and McDonald’s all looking to take advantage of Snapchat’s massive audience of young consumers. Today the client count continues to grow. Everyone from Goldman Sachs to the National Football League is running sponsored content in the Discover tab.

Although it remains to be seen if they can extend their success to older users, it is absolutely undeniable that Snapchat has positioned itself as the premier platform in millennial marketing.