Apple Starts iPhone 6 Sales In GermanyLast week, Apple debuted their most advanced hardware and software release to date with the iPhone 6s and iOS9 operating system. The new offerings tout brand new features like improved camera, faster processor, and 3D touch. The phone and software’s new capabilities are a strong statement for the future of Apple products, but there was another statement that some apple fans might have missed.

If you’ve been on the App Store recently, you might have noticed a new category of application topping the download charts. iOS9 is the first Apple mobile operating system to allow ad-blocking apps, those that allow you to browse the internet uninhibited by on page advertisements and pop-ups. Download rates among these apps skyrocketed after the initial release. Even now, the second most popular paid app overall is an ad-blocker.

Apple allowing these apps solidifies their stance on what is sure to be a heated debate moving forward. It’s still unclear wether this stance will change, but it is without a doubt creating turmoil between developers on either side. Even here at silver, we’re split on the issue. On the one hand, users deserve the right to pay for apps that improve their mobile experience. But on the other side, mobile advertisers base their livelihood on the established model of on page advertising. Where do you stand on this issue? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.