Social media campaigns exist in a hectic environment known as the Internet, where trends are sparked by just about anything from the latest political faux pas to a group of baseball fans taking selfies. Needless to say, the Internet presents nuances that separate it from traditional campaign mediums, which is exactly why POSSIBLE CEO, Shane Atchison devised four new metrics for measuring social campaign success.

Fast business

Acceleration – Good campaigns travel fast. Acceleration helps to measure that in terms of shares. In simple terms, acceleration is how quickly one share begets another. This metric is valuable for evaluating campaigns that may have been trumped by news events or mother nature. If initial acceleration was high but warm weekend weather drew your audience outside and away from their networks, it may be smart to rerun the campaign.

Velocity – Often, you’ll here flashy numbers thrown around referring to social campaigns- 1,000 shares on Facebook, 500 retweets on Twitter, 25 likes on Instagram and so on. But without Velocity, the numbers don’t really mean much. Velocity is the time it takes for your campaign to reach its goal, letting you know that the campaign that earned 100 likes in 3 hours might be more valuable than the one that generated 10,000 likes over 3 years.

Conversation – Not all good deeds go unnoticed. If you’re American Airlines and you upgrade a passenger, they may take to Twitter to tell all their followers about it. That’s a good conversation. At the same time, you could be Burger King trying to promote the #HalloweenWhopper, where 9 out of 10 tweets featuring the hashtag also include the words “sick” or “gross”. That’s a bad conversation. Quality of Conversation helps us understand campaign value regardless of engagement.

Creativity – The wildcard of the bunch, Creativity is more of an added bonus than a metric. Creativity is the propensity for the campaign to inspire. For instance, the Ice Bucket Challenge, arguably the most successful social campaign to ever run, scored well in Creativity in that it inspired participant to think of new and creative ways to complete the challenge. Campaigns that score well in the other three categories more often than not inspire Creativity.