112-olympics_commercial_blogpost-v3_720We at SilverCreative have Olympic-fever! The Summer Olympics are quickly approaching and along with them come many creative and well-thought-out commercials that will be viewed by millions of people.

While we patiently wait for Friday’s opening ceremony, we’ve looked through several of this year’s Olympic themed advertisements and chosen one of our favorites so far:

P&G’s “Thank You, Mom,” showed clips of driven, competitive Olympians achieving their goals in the present, along with flashbacks to their childhood struggles. Through it all their mothers are by their sides helping them stay strong.

This commercial really pulled at our heartstrings. At Silver, we understand how important the support of loved ones is to our success. We are excited to come to work everyday because we know that our Silver Family will be encouraging and supporting us as we tackle our goals, both individually and as a team.

We’re looking forward to more thought-provoking commercials to come!

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