Each year we watch the Super Bowl to witness victory and to hear a stellar musical performance. Oh and of course to see all those funny, sometimes emotional, and seldom boring commercials. Since the Super Bowl is a time to spend with family and friends while cheering on our favorite team, we prefer the funny commercials that go along with the light and casual atmosphere of Super Bowl Sunday and have chosen our five favorites.



All of these commercials had a bit of suspense and surprise which kept our focus during a time that was otherwise busy while surrounded by family, friends, good food and drinks. While these companies may have caused some bewilderment, they certainly grabbed our attention and we thank them for the extra bit of entertainment and laughs.


  1. We’ve seen it before, the lovesick boy throwing rocks at a beloved girl’s window at night. The romance of the boy throwing Skittles instead of rocks makes this especially sweet (pun intended) but wait what’s that on the other side of the window? Watch the video to find out. We love the surprise factor of the grandma, the thief, the officer, and the animal. Click to watch video.
  2. Melissa McCarthy is funny all by herself. Now Melissa McCarthy in funny situations, even better! She kept us entertained as an eco-warrior, but beyond the humor, Kia sends a great message about being a warrior itself with its eco-friendliness. Click to watch video.
  3. Despite his age, Mr. Clean is getting more handsome and more fit. To be honest, his looks and seductive moves scared some of us as much as they amused us. In the end, we agree that we love when our partners clean the house and felt a little warm inside at the thought of doing nice things for the ones that we love. Click to watch video.
  4. Tide had more than one great commercial. The Tide commercial showcasing Gronk’s Cleaners and Tide with Terry Bradshaw trending were humorous while relating to what viewers were interested in for the occasion- football and its players. We agree that Tide has a better way of getting rid of stains. Click to watch video.
  5. Last but certainly not least and before we say bye (more like Bai, Bai, Bai), we have Christopher Walken reciting *NSYNC’s lyrics while Justin Timberlake sits on the other end of the couch. Unexpected? Yes. Humorous? Most definitely. Click to watch video.




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