I came across an interesting article on emerging trends in the beverage industry, while surfing the industry news sites the other day. Needless to say the subject matter was intriguing by itself (when’s Happy Hour?), but what really caught my attention were the parallels between beverage industry trends and the branding and packing projects Silver Creative has taken on.

Perceived Value
One of the trends gaining momentum in restaurants and bars is the addition of curated glassware programs. They focus on themed vessels, be it antique glassware, hand blown chalices, or otherwise, that add value to the drinks they carry beyond the quality of their ingredients.

Package design is driven by perception. Does the package seem sturdy? Will it last after its contents have been used? Does it feel like I’m getting more than just what’s inside? The 2 oz. tins we designed for Torie & Howard achieved that same added value as the aforementioned glassware programs. In fact, they were so well received that customers often write to Torie & Howard on social media about how they re-use and repurpose the tins.


Have you come across a product that you would have bought for the packaging alone? Maybe a unique water bottle or even an album cover? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.