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Technology continues to evolve and your marketing strategy needs to as well. We get people excited about the promise your software delivers, show them the benefits and even teach them how to use it. We take your 1’s and 0’s and turn them into E I E I O’s- (yup, Old McDonald’s Farm) The point: create an emotional connection, tell a story, make it simple to understand.

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Brand Identity

It's your job to see what drives you and create something inspiring and innovative. It's our job to make sure your brand communicates that inspiration. It's not always about what's trendy or what's next - it's about understanding the "why" behind your product or service and finding the right spot in the marketplace. We don't like to follow trends, we make a custom fit.

Digital Marketing

Online presence today can be quite confusing. Social media, email marketing, banner ads, search engine optimization; all that fragmentation and re-invention makes digital marketing a potential minefield. At Silver Creative Group, we make new ways of engaging your customers, and measuring the results. We've been optimizing online campaigns for over a decade.

Websites + Apps

Your website is the linchpin of your digital brand. Outdated websites scare customers away, but easy-to-use sites build trust in your brand and convert visitors to customers. From responsive e-commerce sites to engaging above-the-fold landing pages, we develop award-winning websites you can maintain yourself to keep visitors (and search engines) coming back for fresh content.

Video + Digital Art

Video marketing has gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have. Our brains are hard-wired to process visuals instantly, so your brand is judged in milliseconds by your digital artwork. With over 40 combined years of experience in the visual arts, video and marketing, Silver Creative Group can create motion assets & stills that compel and engage your viewers.

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We know how to market technology

Having worked closely with global technology companies and start-ups, we know the importance of building trust between your brand and your customers. We’ve built a well-crafted, proven, collaborative approach to develop communication and marketing plans. Together, we will build a marketing campaign that appeals to your customers and promotes your software technology. From the initial brand development to the campaign creation and implementation, Silver Creative can maximize your lead generation and brand-building initiatives.

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