Kelley Buttrick is an accomplished voice actress, with a plethora of radio, television, and digital spots under her belt. Her work has earned her attention from eager clients like Disney, McDonald’s, IBM, and even NASCAR. With such an extensive resume, it would be easy to sit back and let the jobs roll in– and they have. Now, Kelley Buttrick is proving she’s far from normal (in a good way), by flipping the status quo and taking a risk in the effort to land her dream client. Through a series of videos and articles, Kelley is marketing her passion for Jeep and voice actor skills in all the right ways. Unapologetically telling Jeep she’s the right women for the job, and she’s got a pretty good argument. Have a look for yourself.


Kelley’s story helped remind us of something. You are your own brand. You’re craft is your product. And everything you put out for the world to see is your marketing message. If you aren’t out there showing the world that they’d be crazy not to choose you, you’re leaving it up to luck. And every good marketer knows that luck is something you just can’t count on.

The next time you or your company has a client in your sights, take a risk like Kelley. Create a mini campaign with yourself as the product and your client-to-be as the target market. Show them you’re fluent in their language. Create the marketing material you think they’re missing. It may not be billable, but rather valuable– if it’s something you truly want. You can’t get a ‘yes’ if you never ask, so get your message out there!