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Whether you’re packing up the office for a migration across town or down the hall or applying a fresh coat of paint, there’s nothing quite like moving and/or construction to introduce a slew of unforeseen variables and challenges. Having just gone through the process here, we can say confidently that it pays to have a thorough plan before the first box is packed. There are the practical things to consider: for example, who is going to sit where, where are the phone/Internet/electrical outlets in the new space, how can we avoid disrupting the day-to-day work as much as possible, and do we really need to keep all of this decade-old paperwork?

We’d argue that just as important, if not more so, is the planning that goes into creating a space that engenders creativity and a positive work environment. What colors are going to inspire employees? How will walls affect the flow of ideas between people? Where to put all these motivational decorations? It’s a lot to consider, but the benefit of thinking it through ahead is a much shorter wait for that exciting, and contagious, new office feeling, and the energy that comes along with it. Just don’t get too ruffled if there are one or two bumps along the way and a few weekend hours spent needed to cross the finish line.