As companies like Amazon tease us with hints of pilotless aerial delivery systems, drones have become a “buzz” topic in popular culture. Although we may be far from ready to see the pizza we just ordered flying overhead to our doorstep, the advertising industry has embraced the new technology for it’s advantages over old methods.

Drones Are Cheap – When compared to renting a crane or helicopter for aerial shots, drones are significantly less expensive. And when you factor in the manpower for operation, theres no contest. Drone parts are easily replaceable and increasingly inexpensive as popularity grows.

Drones Are Legal – As of 2014, the FAA allows the use of drones for films, television shows and commercials. Not only does this help protect advertisers and production companies legally, but it also allows producers to shoot int he US where they had previously been restricted.

Drones Are Unique – The biggest advantage to advertisers and producers is the perspective the drones bring to the table. These machines are agile and precise, allowing for even closer follow shots and even more dramatic pan outs. In simple terms, it’s something viewers have never experienced before, and that above all will drive engagement.

It’s clear that drones are poised to be more than a passing trend in the advertising industry. Silver is especially excited about the possibilities drones bring to real estate advertising, but the possibilities are endless. Next time you sit down to your favorite show, keep a look out for drone shots in the commercials. You may be surprised by what you see.