Helping propel businesses is something that makes us extremely happy — almost as happy as the reality of the holidays in three short weeks. Today, we’d like to take a few moments and introduce a project of ours that embodies the level of dedication we bring to each and every task we work on. Specifically, The Arden, located in good ole’ NYC. This was a particularly fun branding project which surrounded the work for an entirely renovated apartment building on East End Avenue, in Manhattan. We took a number of approaches to this project, specifically integrating the surroundings of pre-war fixtures and modern renovations that set the complex apart from the rest.


In the realm of all things high-end, appealing to a rather specific crowd was a difficult task. With real estate booming in the Upper East Side, the aimed clientele of demanding possible tenants were a highly specific demographic that needed to be approached perfectly.

In terms of branding, we decided that a simplistic, elegant approach to their logo was the best way to embody the type of living space being advertised. Following the creation of visuals, we needed a way to introduce the building, which was draped with a construction banner to give it a proper introduction. All of the necessary amenities were also created using CGI renderings, showcasing the important parts of the building — mainly their gorgeous windows, rooftop vegetation area, and custom fitted door.

Our next step was the tangible creative. Anyone who came and visited the property was given a brochure in traditional accordion style format, which broke down everything that the building had to offer. This included everything from the floor plan to the interior setup from the apartments, ensuring that the memory of their inquiry was not forgotten, and everything was available for viewing.

Their state of the art website was created from the ground up, and boasted the amenities and what could be expected while living in the luxurious apartments. At this point, we realized that through each challenge that presented itself, it became less about selling the apartments to people, rather inviting them to experience a lifestyle like no other.

If you’d like to see more of the things we’ve accomplished for this project, head over to the specific page which showcases everything we’ve done for The Arden, available here. And when it comes time for you to utilize our creative touch, well, our contact form is right here. 🙂

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