Print ads serve as a staple of the modern day advertising platform. Without them, advertising tactics would be much different, and not in a good way. These tangible marketing pieces are great additions to an arsenal of things used to grow business — if yours have been lacking, it’s time to listen up! Making small adjustments to your ads can actually yield large results — ones you wouldn’t even think possible until it’s happened.


Color Everything

Unless you’re stuck in the black & white TV days, nothing gets created without a few bright hues anymore. The more colors you have, the better chance you have of attracting those who are interested. You can match these color schemes to your business logo, or roll with a seasonal theme. Whatever you do though, should grab the attention of your reader from the get-go.

Cliche, Cliche, Cliche

Draw your customer in — they’re not reading your ad because they’re bored, it’s because something caught their eye. In order to have it effective, make it something to remember. This can include a cute cliche that features something witty or quirky and relevant to the approach your advertisement is taking. The funnier the better, as people remember the catchy and funny ads more than the boring ones


Don’t skimp out on just text ads. We’re visual creatures, and we like to see things that show what’s being advertised. Whether it’s real estate or a new food product, there’s something to be said about being able to see what you’re potentially buying, and it proves effective. Those who can see what they’re interested in are much more likely to convert into buyers, no matter the product.

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