With the increased use of phones for our internet searching needs, it’s no surprise that your company needs to be mobile friendly. The key is ease of use while on the go, as the population is more frequently accessing the Internet while away from home. Make sure that your site doesn’t go to waste with mobile incompatibility.

According to Forbes, all businesses, especially ecommerce, need to remember this to improve the effects of mobile marketing:

Be the right fit. Your web presence is crucial for connecting with your target market, but what’s the point of connecting online if your site is hard for users to use? Choose a responsive design that automatically changes to fit the viewer’s screen. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer, be sure that your site can be viewed correctly, as you do not want to deter customers with images or fonts that are too small or too big for their mobile devices.

Take appropriate advantage of ad opportunities. Reaching your target audience has never been easier with the ability to advertise to customers based on their location, age, or interests. Google Ads and social media ads can all drive traffic back to your site (which should be super mobile friendly). Just remember that your ads need to be short and concise because much of them are being delivered on smaller devices while people are on the go.

Give customers a chance to read your email. Most users now check their email via their phones rather than on computers; it’s just easier. Stay with the theme of ease and create emails that can be opened and read correctly on smartphones. A hard to read message that does not fit its screen properly will most likely be sent to trash or never be opened again. Short attention spans also mean that the most important message in the email should be placed at the beginning where it’s likelier to be seen.

Quick messaging is needed. According to Forbes, “One of the most important things to consider when developing a mobile marketing strategy is your content. The content that makes up your digital presence should be tailored to the needs of a user that is quickly looking for a way to fulfil their goals while they’re on-the-go, and with real-time relevance. These are micro-moments and with the growth of mobile, these occurrences are happening more frequently, and are more important than ever.”

Successful marketing comes down to knowing your audience and constantly learning and evolving to meet their needs. We are experienced in providing a user friendly online experience; see our capabilities at http://silvercreativegroup.com/capabilities/


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